The Rotary Club of McAllen is "Making a Difference!" On Friday August 4, 2017 our Rotary Club of McAllen helped a young lady named Katie Blackwell to help provide comfort to the homeless people of McAllen.
Our Rotary Club of McAllen August Service Project was impactful and helped 50 of our community's homeless. We asked our Rotarians to fill the hat with funds to provide some snacks and comfort items to add to 50 reusable bags donated by McAllen Rotary member Suresh Masinghani and hygiene supplies gathered by Miss Blackwell. According to our community service director, Monica Skrzypinski, we collected $350 in total, and each of the bags contained 3 Ramen noodles cups, 2 cheez-its bags, 1 fruit cup, 2 apple sauce cups, 4 different types of granola bars, 2 bags of gummies, 1 cup of mac & cheeses, 2 bags of goldfish crackers, 1 bag of chocolate chip cookies, 1 bag of chips,  1 pop tart, 2 cups of pudding, 1 juice, 2 bottle waters, 1 bag of peanuts,  and a warm blanket. Plus because not all the boxes at Sam's Club contained 50 items, Katie had left overs just in case she wanted to add to the bags or make more bags.
So be proud of yourselves McAllen Rotary Club! Toot you horns and get the word out that we are the Rotary Club of McAllen and "We're Making a Difference!"